Smart people

learn from their own experience.

Smarter people

learn from someone else’s.


So says successful businesswoman now business therapist,
Susie Faux.

“Speaking from 42 years’ experience running my own leading edge business, I can categorically state that going it alone can be the most fun – and rewarding in all senses.

I can also categorically state that it is a constant challenge.”

Business Therapy

How does SF Business Therapy work?

“By two people sitting down talking and listening to each other - as I did several times in my career– and with the successes and scares of my 42 years’ experience for us to draw on for your benefit

Consultations can be digital or tête-à-tête at my office near Tel Aviv.”

Who could benefit from SF Business Therapy ?

“If you’re on the brink of going it alone, let’s focus on the competitive environment, sources of investment, growth strategy, cashflow management, marketing and importantly, having the right skills set for your business

If you’re already up and running, but have hit a problem or two, let’s talk practical solutions based, as ever, on my 42 years’ experience and tailored to your needs.”


Why should you take SF Business Therapy seriously?

“Because I’m ready, willing and able to pass on what I learnt the hard way and point out the fabulous opportunities – and the avoidable pitfalls – facing entrepreneurs today.

And because it is important for me to help you savvy young women and men realise your fullest potential and success.”


Is SF Business Therapy right for you, right now?

“If you’re looking for insight, inspiration, encouragement, advice and - where appropriate – caution to avoid those hidden pitfalls the answer has to be “yes”.

In which case, isn’t arranging a free introductory consultation your smartest next move?”


Susie Faux - Business Therapy

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