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In my last article I said I would deal with the subject of hair, related to making the most of ourselves and our clothes. I was always amazed at how much women would spend on updating their clothes and yet their hair was the same year after year. I am not advocating changing your hairstyle…

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C’est la Vie

That’s life…..I’ve written many times about how concerned I am by the idea of buying top quality, expensive clothes on-line, but that’s the way things are going. Recently, I read about a shop whose owner, seeing that buying clothes through the internet had become the most important factor for their business had brought in an…

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I promised so many of my clients at Wardrobe that when the time was right I would continue to try to find clothes that inspired confidence. I am now in the same situation as they are, without Wardrobes edit. As I have repeated many times, I believe designers are lost in a maze of conflicting…

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