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Susie Faux


2015: consulting with other retailers and manufacturers to further their success in London.

2008 – 2014: START enlarging the Sfera Collection that would produce half of the merchandise sold in Wardrobe. Spent half of my time working with the designer, factory, fabric and accessory selection.

2007: START using modern media, blogging, social media as well as continuing our unique approach to advertising.

2005: START a new venture with a talented Milanese designer, Douglas Anderson. The SFERA Collection made in one of the best factories in Treviso, Italy. This was necessary as many of our tailoring houses were closing their women’s divisions. (SFERA becomes the most successful collection over 18 seasons by providing the discerning woman with a style they could not find elsewhere. We became expert at fabric selection, buttons, linings, the entire garment of the highest quality. Of course, we understood the edgy styling our clients were looking for.)

1998: START expanding literary reputation with a second book, “Wardrobe Solutions”, with translated versions and a major promotional trip to Mexico, covering many television and radio appearances as well as guest speaker at the largest Business Women’s conference in Mexico City.

1995: START consolidating activities in a prime Mayfair location, 42 Conduit Street, naming it SFERA HOUSE. At this location offering our collections on the ground floor, and on the next two floors, adding Hair, Beauty, Nutrition and Aromatherapy Massage, all under one roof. An incredibly successful move that added 31% to our turnover in the first year.

1993: START introducing the best Italian male tailors who began designing women’s collections. These included: Brioni, Kiton, Barbera, Isaia and Belvest. Television and radio work continued.

1989: START (created) the first English fine fragrance, developed in Paris, and named SFERA.

1985: START the first independent retailer to successfully use a large poster campaign on the Underground.

1988: START being an author. Wrote “Wardrobe: Develop your Style and Confidence”. Translated into several languages. Began many expert radio interviews and television appearances.

1980: START developing new retail concepts such as Capsule Wardrobe and pioneering the Personal Shopper Stylist.

1980: START a new store on Grosvenor Street following 4 very successful years on Bond Street and bring with me a large and loyal clientele. Continue finding and building new exclusive designers.

1976: START to bring new talented designers to UK. Introduced Jil Sander and Gianfranco Ferre exclusively to Wardrobe.

1975: START the next phase of Wardrobe development when Elizabeth Arden offered me the ground floor in their salon on Bond Street. Kept 17 Chiltern Street for clothing only.

1974: START a second Wardrobe at 17 Chiltern Street for clothing while 42 sold lingerie (necessary for clothes to fit properly) and offered hairdressing. Do my first voiceover on newly launched Capital Radio to advertise our lingerie shop.

1973: START Wardrobe Ltd 42 Chiltern Street W1 to help women develop their style and confidence.

1971: START work at a recruitment agency for the advertising industry. Recognised the necessity to give women more confidence and a better chance, by dressing more professionally and credibly (like the men did!).

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