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Always Fit For Business

More and more articles are now written about dressing for business.. I cannot believe the sort of garments being shown in the media as suitable for work and I wonder if the journalists really understand office politics.

Having spent 40 years dressing women for all careers I want to give a few simple tips that will hopefully be helpful and save costly mistakes.

Sales are now starting in the UK and it’s a good time to give your wardrobe an overhaul and you a confidence boost.

Get fit……
Tailoring is important if you are serious about your career and it’s the easiest way to dress. See my previous article especially on jackets and dresses. Both these garments must fit perfectly to look their best and I emphasise again the necessity of shopping somewhere that has experienced tailors who can work with your individual body shape. Taking that half centimetre in or out or to shorten or lengthen a garment, will make a huge difference to that way you personally look. So many women think that even modern tailoring is classic, but it’s sexy when it’s well cut and fits perfectly. Just look at what the top designers are now showing – edgily classic tailoring.

But I see many women who are wearing clothes that do not fit them well. They believe if a garment says size 12 on the label and they think they are size 12 that it will automatically fit them.
Not so….. Two women can both be size 12 but their actual body shape is totally different.

What lengths to go to……I am often asked what length skirt to wear. This really depends on the shape of their legs and the proportion of their jacket. Always go shopping with the jacket that will be worn with the skirt or trousers. Always sit down in the skirt you propose buying and make sure that it looks ok when someone is sitting opposite you! There’s nothing worse than tugging at your skirt because it is too revealing. For trousers the shape is very important. Longer jacket slimmer trouser. With a shorter jacket you can do both straighter or slimmer depending on your shape.

And to complete your look……
Don’t forget….a good pair of shoes – lower heels are really coming back in a big way (sorry osteopaths)and of course our special stretch suede boots for winter. A simple bag without logos and lots of embellishment, are now the most stylish. Good luck shopping, I hope it will now be a dream and not a nightmare.