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Big Coats Mean Business

Big coats really mean business this season. Open any newspaper or magazine and they are showing oversized coats on overpowered models. However I really like this look – proportioned well it should look sophisticated and edgy, in fact very modern. BUT there are pitfalls if you are not tall.

Two things to look out for when choosing your coat is good quality cloth and cut. Both of these are essential if you don’t want to look as though you are just wearing a coat that’s a few sizes too big for you.

I suggest if you are average height you look for fabrics that at not too thick but do have a textured look and a style that can be belted. Wear it as long as possible for your height and accessorise with flat boots or ones that have a chunky heel.

It is important that the dropped shoulder line, which gives the oversized look, is cut well and works with your own body shape.

For a shorter woman I think a good option would be a 3/4 length coat, again with the dropped shoulder in a cuddly fabric.

Colour also plays a part with this garment and as a lot of fabric is being used. Colours that work best are subtle and soft to complement the styling…..just my opinion! However if you are tall enough, a serious black version is stunning and can double up for evening.

As always I would suggest you shop where tailors are present to advise and make any adjustments to length. A coat is a big investment and you want it to last several seasons. This shape is here for a while. We started selling it last winter and I know it will be around next season too.