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What goes around comes around… but not necessarily for you.

By susie | April 24, 2019

It’s about twenty five years ago when writing my first book, I asked many of my clients about how they disposed of clothes they no longer wanted to wear.

The idea of buying new clothes as you ‘mature’ is very important for a number of reasons. Maybe your body has changed are still a trim size 10 (UK) or not, or maybe not in all the same places. I often find clothes made in Italy, fit most parts of the body brilliantly, but some designers undersized around the ribcage

Also our faces have changed and maybe a gorgeous garment that you were prepared to starve for, now doesn’t look as good after a few more birthdays!  When speaking at various events the one thing I advised women, is that if they wear too young an outfit it will, for sure, make them look older. So keeping clothes for many, many years may not be the best move. 

But how to get rid of them…not easy, but if they go to a good home, how great you will feel. Really!!

(I will discuss my concept of age and the Decade Dump in another article).

SO….. get three big bags. 

BAG 1 ……….Clothes you have recently purchased in the last two years, fit well and make you feel good when you wear them. 


BAG 2………Clothes that you haven’t worn for more than two years. This is the hardest bag to deal with….Anything that you really have second thoughts about and are only keeping for sentimental reasons or because they were expensive… as ruthless as possible. Remember all the people looking for secondhand clothes aka Vintage and think of your good deeds by helping them and the planet. Recycling really is all the rage.


The ones that still work for you and you are happy wearing


BAG 3……….This bag is destined to contain only really old clothes that none of the family will ever want and really should have left home years ago. They don’t fit you or maybe your lifestyle has changed. Either way and even if you go on that ever elusive diet, maybe its time to say au revoir. And maybe you are now ready to fulfil your style potential?

Of course this also goes for your accessories. During our downsizing move over the past years, even I was amazed at what I had accumulated. Belts, bags and shoes. I enjoyed so much the pleasure 

others seemed to get from my overstocked wardrobe. It really is Feng Shui.

This isn’t the easiest process, but it focuses you on what you now look good in and what clothes give you confidence in all situations. IT ALSO MAKES YOU VERY AWARE OF FUTURE PURCHASES.

Sales and impulse purchases can end up all too soon in Bag 3. 


TIP:   Of course the best way to avoid costly mistakes is to find a shop and a salesperson you can trust to be truthful and remember ‘Less is More’.


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