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By susie | March 31, 2019

It is sometime since I wrote my Blog, despite receiving some very encouraging messages from my clients, asking me to continue with my tips and advice.

My life has considerably changed without WARDROBE, a fashion store in London, which I had been nurturing for much more than half my life. I enjoyed my staff and my clients and (most of) the challenges I was involved in every day.

However living in a new country, learning a new language and getting to understand a more Mediterranean culture has also been a challenge – indeed a very enjoyable, yet a sometimes frustrating one.

So here I am with a new website and the wish to continue the work I have done for most of my life…. helping many women (and men) with their daily challenges. Because of my work with Wardrobe

my previous articles were a lot to do with personal presentation and lifestyle. Now, with a little more time, I will try to give you tips on more varied topics.

I was very influenced by the movie ‘The Intern’ which features a person who after a long career, gets a job using his experience and knowledge to support younger people with their aspirations.

In fact with Wardrobe I was able to do just that for people, mostly women, of all ages because they needed to look the part and present themselves in a credible way, to achieve their success.

Now as a Business Therapist I am able to share my 42 years of experience and help others achieve the success they deserve.



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