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  I think we can safely say that summer has arrived…in some places with serious heat. So now we need to start to think about putting away our heavier clothes which, often, do act as  camouflage for our bodies e.g. clothes in thicker fabrics, chunky sweaters, big coats and of course dark tights and boots. We can…

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  In my last Blog I mentioned briefly the DECADE DUMP and now is a good time to elaborate on it more fully. It is about women (and men) reaching a big ‘O’ birthday and leaving behind or dumping things about themselves that, with small changes, will happily take them into a new decade. I believe…

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What goes around comes around… but not necessarily for you.

It’s about twenty five years ago when writing my first book, I asked many of my clients about how they disposed of clothes they no longer wanted to wear. The idea of buying new clothes as you ‘mature’ is very important for a number of reasons. Maybe your body has changed are still a…

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It is sometime since I wrote my Blog, despite receiving some very encouraging messages from my clients, asking me to continue with my tips and advice. My life has considerably changed without WARDROBE, a fashion store in London, which I had been nurturing for much more than half my life. I enjoyed my staff and…

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  With a change of lifestyle and country and frequent trips back to the UK, putting together a summer wardrobe became a fruitless search.  I missed the past 40+ years where everything I needed was in my store. Now it’s about finding things in many different stores.  On my last trips back to London and…

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