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Disability Doesn’t Mean Invisibility

As disabled friends have always been in my life I’m very aware of the problems that face them day to day.

Both are very feminine women who feel they are now not able to indulge in their appearance the way they used to. One is in a wheelchair and tells me she becomes invisible as people often talk above her as if she wasn’t there. Another uses a crutch and is in flat shoes which she says are not very feminine.

So……one of the biggest problems they will face is finding fashionable clothes that have ease of movement. I suggest that well cut trousers are the best garments for their wardrobes.

Trousers with an elasticised waistband can also prove very useful. Flat shoes with a good support don’t always look very feminine but why not try a flat ankle boot which is very stylish and a good choice for winter and summer.

Now to partner your trousers invest in some interesting knitwear and shirts. One can achieve a very edgy look with knitwear which can be accessorised with big soft scarves.

In summer a top that slides down over one shoulder looks instantly glamorous and can worn with a fine cashmere or silk shawl.

In winter a white shirt with a trendy cardigan and long beads or a chain necklace is a good look. Bold jewellery can play a big part and one friend always wears the most attractive big rings and it has become something she is known for. Don’t forget earrings which immediately make a woman’s style more complete.

Investing in some nice tracksuit-type outfits for home wear also means you will always feel good about yourself not just when you go out.

Hair and make-up must be important too. Too long hair can drag the face down and won’t lift the spirits !! And make-up, of course always, not just for special occasions.

Is this advice too different from what I would give any woman? No it’s not, but it does highlight a problem too many of us take for granted.