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In my last article I said I would deal with the subject of hair, related to making the most of ourselves and our clothes.

I was always amazed at how much women would spend on updating their clothes and yet their hair was the same year after year. I am not advocating changing your hairstyle every season, but… updating your style in some way I think keeps a woman (and a man) looking younger longer.

I really do believe that it is necessary to find a hairstylist who will suggest things to you rather than just asking what you would like. It has to be a mixture of what makes you feel comfortable and attractive and what new ideas there are, that are suitable for you and your face shape. When I discuss the importance of good clothes, I always refer to the 3 Cs. The same can apply to hair. CUT, COLOUR and in the case of hair CONDITION.

A haircut, that as it grows, still maintains a good shape is what we all aim for. It is so important to talk to your hairstylist and let him/her understand your lifestyle. Do you travel often and are restricted to salon visits, are you short of time in the mornings (aren’t we all)? For example do you need hair that can be worn down most of the time, but long enough to be able to tie it back and still look groomed or do you need wash and go hair and if so what products will help you achieve this. Also there are a lot of styling tools available but they need to be recommended. Always ask your stylist for advice – you will save time and money. I’m very aware that too many mature women opt for shorter hair because they believe it to be easier, but in some cases this can make them look older. Of course the other extreme wearing their hair too long is also ageing. The type of hair is important and in some instances a short style maybe the best option. In this case the colour should be even more important. I truly believe that hair is your most important accessory and as such its worth spending time searching out your ‘hair-friend’ in a salon you feel confident in. By the way I don’t go to the same salon for cut and colour, as I chose my stylists by recommendation rather than where they work.

Colour is very important as our skin tones change, not just with age, but also with the seasons and a change of hair colour, even a subtle one can work wonders. I believe a talented colourist sees colour like an artist does and sees different hues of colour sensitively. Colour should look natural, not a solid colour. There should be some variation as in nature and that’s the most difficult thing to achieve especially for brunettes. If you live in London I can really recommend Steve at Michael Van Clarke in Marylebone, whatever your shade.

I have just been introduced to INOA, a l’Oreal colouring product without ammonia and I find it leaves my hair in much better condition after colouring. Not everyone likes it as it doesn’t always last as long as the usual products, but I haven’t noticed that personally. For sure my hair is definitely not so dry. Philip Kingsley the internationally famous tricologist recommends washing hair every day and most importantly to condition afterwards. A quality shampoo and conditioner is essential. He also advises that if hair is not in good condition or is thinning you should eat some sort of animal protein for breakfast and lunch (dinner is not important) His salon is well worth a visit if you have any hair problems. I do speak from experience when I say he does have the answers. AND as a finishing touch, healthy looking hair is THE crowning glory.

Enjoy the summer feeling your best