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Most of us love summer but there is a downside, we have to ditch our opaque tights. There are very few women with perfect legs. Veins of all shapes and sizes and uneven skin tone afflict most of us after a certain age (and of course after childbirth).

As someone whose career involves a lot of standing I am always looking for ways to disguise leg imperfections.

Of course there are surgical procedures that work for a time..but I prefer to try other options. One product I can highly recommend is Perfect Legs Skin Miracle. Used daily it colours the skin a little and has healing properties to improve the skin’s appearance and texture. It is by the company

Another, is one of the best fake tans I have found called XEN-TAN, in the light to medium strength.

Now a highly controversial subject…tights or not in summer!
In my opinion if you’re in a serious profession or you are attending an important meeting or interview, you do need to wear tights to work. You don’t see men going without socks…….. So I do see the necessity for tights, rather than bare legs.

The tights I’m recommending for this summer are by Wolford and are called Luxe 9. A slightly stronger tight is the Sheer 15 which also looks natural.

There are a number of natural colours, I like Caramel for these deniers, but its appearance may not be right in the other yarns. Natural coloured tights are the hardest to get right as they can look very classic. Try the hand test first to see how they will look on your skin. Also try to find a shop with an experienced sales person to advise. Good tights are costly but, I believe for summer, are really worth it.

Still loathe to give up the disguise…how about Barely Black or Coca in the fine yarns?