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“Its very strange to go around the stores in July and only find winter clothes”.

How often I would hear clients say this to me. And now I can fully understand. In a private store like Wardrobe we had clothes for all seasons, but you did have to shop early not to experience disappointment of not finding your size. No buyer however good, can get sizing quantities right each season.

Just back from one of my many trips to search out clothes that are a bit special, but still wearable, I realise that all that’s left for summer is just High Street choices. Having always believed its better to buy one good piece than lots of cheaper things, I came back empty handed.

BUT…. I realised that this is the time of year when we must take a good look at our makeup. By necessity we have been forced to buy summer clothes as early as November, but we are usually a bit pasty at that time of year., However our summer arrived only a few weeks ago…we rushed to our wardrobes to get out our almost forgotten purchases and wear them, for how long we can never be quite certain !! So I thought this is the time to tell you about the summer make-up that will help you with The Look for this summer. This is to me as important as buying new clothes and re-adjusting your hairstyle.( I will cover the latter in another article)

Lipstick colours…… With some of the pastel tones, apple green, aqua etc and some of the stronger prints, an orange lipstick looks great if you get the right one. After looking at a few I can recommend Sari Dore by Chanel. For a good soft red I really like Misia by Chanel also. For a mixture between the two take a look at Macadam by Dior and finally for a pale pastel pink which isn’t too girlie, I suggest Clarins Sweet Rose.

Foundation. To use or not to use……. In summer I find my makeup needs and preferences change and I prefer a CC cream to a full foundation however lightweight. After a lot of testing I found that the one by Bare Minerals – Complexion Rescue – ticks the boxes. Also, if needed, their concealer – Stroke of Light – is light and does block out unwanted blemishes and under eye discolouration. I also like Le Camouflage Stylo by Chantecaille too.

And finally a good bronzer also by Chanel is from their collection called Les Beiges. It has an SPF and is good just on its own for holiday use.

The Eyes have it…… I am a great fan of Bobbi Brown. I like her quality and the selection of colour. A good base or eyelid colour is Shell ( you can mix this with the darker shades you have been using in winter) and in the crease they suggested Grey and then Mahogany used wet or dry as an eyeliner. Finish of with their Everything Mascara and you will have a soft summer look, natural but not boring.

Next time hair and nails.