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I think we can safely say that summer has arrived…in some places with serious heat. So now we need to start to think about putting away our heavier clothes which, often, do act as  camouflage for our bodies e.g. clothes in thicker fabrics, chunky sweaters, big coats and of course dark tights and boots. We can start to think about vacations and the sort of things we will need to take with us. As I talk about Less is More all the time, I need to think of a place to start. Choosing a colour theme for your summer purchases is key to clever packing and good buying. It will also mean you can manage with less clothes and accessories. This summer I have built my own wardrobe around navy and white and a couple of brighter things for high summer.

But before we think about clothes , however, we need to prepare our bodies after winter. So…..

 1. Prepare for Perfection
 In preparation for a summer body ,the most important thing is to start with smooth skin. You will expose much more during the hotter months and especially knees and elbows will probably  need attention after the winter cover-up. Invest in a good bodyscrub –  L’Occitaine does a great shea butter one . 

2. Best Foot Forward…
We don’t pay much attention to our feet in winter, so before we put on open toe shoes and sandals, a pedicure (also a visit to the chiropodist) is a must. For after care L’Occitaine, again, have  an intense foot cream with shea butter which is very effective .

3. Face It……
I don’t always trust face creams and foundations with an SPF and prefer to use a special facial suncream, if I am in the sun for prolonged periods. I don’t  just mean when sunbathing, but each day we are exposed to strong rays, even when under shade and wearing a hat. Since I now live in a hot country I have become more aware of the pleasure of the sun, but also the possible unpleasant side- effects. I really like the Institut Esthederm products for face and body because they are light and effective. They also produce the best fake tan I have ever used.It comes in two shades and I recommend the lighter shade for light and olive skin tones. It can be used daily until you get the result you like.

4. Make-up Makeover……
 Most makeup requires a seasonal check-up. When the weather is warm and sometimes humid, a lighter weight foundation is preferable and maybe, you might need a slightly darker colour.  In my experience Bobbi Brown products have something for everyone and they are not too heavy. Their salespeople are usually well trained, helpful and knowledgeable. Always ask for advice about  what products are suitable for your skin type and tone.

5. Hair today..…
We tend to forget our hair is not partial to the heat, so needs protection. I rely on Michael Van Clarke’s 3 More Inches pre-wash treatment which I use throughout the year as a hair mask and the  sea/sun  protection,  both are great products. Whatever you choose, do remember to treat your hair with as much attention as your face and body.

6.  Sink or Swim
Swimsuits, like other forms of clothing, do have trends and may need updating from time to time. Possibly your bodyshape may have changed and the fabric may have slackened too!!!  I regard them rather like underwear which doesn’t (and shouldn’t) go on forever.

7.  Glasses Glamour….
  If there is one accessory that perfects your summer style its your sunglasses. Styles come and go and this season, the choice of shapes is very varied. I had so much fun in Japan this year as I really  love their design of eye-glasses. The two shapes I fell was a hexagonal design with a tinted lens that was also photo chromatic and the other a bigger shape with a gradated dark lens  and a transparent frame. Transparent frames seem to be popular, but you need to get the lens colour right for your skin tone.


Happy Hols