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Every summer I write about the importance of regular pedicures – and actually I don’t know why I limit it to the summer !

I know from speaking to a chiropodist and a pedicurist, that many women neglect their feet because their feet are rarely seen except in sandals and at holiday time. In summer you see feet with horribly cracked heels, in a state in which you wouldn’t want to ever expose your hands. ( Hands are a different issue although I still believe women should put more importance on manicures than they do. Especially women at a senior level.)

Given the load that your feet take and the shoes they are often stuffed into, its not suprising that feet take a battering.

A twice yearly visit to a chiropodist can help prevent a lot of damage, but most people don’t visit one until they are in pain. By that point the problem could be serious. These visits could have feet feeling and looking good well into older age!

Going to a chiropodist is the stage up from a pedicure….not just cosmetic but more clinical. Chiropodists are medically trained and much of what they do is preventative, particularly I have found, the removal of dead skin and corns before they get too painful and, of course, many other treatments.

Often they will make a cushion to fit between toes that will take pressure off the points where they push against each other.

Once your feet are more healthy and attractive you are ready for the pedicure and the fun bit. This season I have found a new colour which I am told (excuse the pun) is walking out of the stores. The new red is orange this season! But many of the oranges are really bright and a bit tacky. The one I really like is by a company called NARS and the name is LIBERTANGO 3629 – good for all ages. Personally I like this colour for my toes, but prefer to continue with a natural colour for my hands… BALLERINA 167 by Chanel.

You will decide what is more flattering for yourself………

Happy summer