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Your Crowning Glory

I wrote recently about the invisiblity of women over a certain age and covered a couple of ideas that might be useful.

However another thing I believe to be important I would like to share with you now.

Hairstyles( and hair colour if appropriate) are very important to getting a total look that will give and inspire confidence.

As all personal presentation is about getting proportions right.Hair is crucial as the shape of your face and the length of your hair is very important, when choosing the clothes that are good for you as an individual. Suprisingly, maybe, I sometimes find it more difficult to dress a woman well because her hair is wrongly cut and coloured, than if her body is a difficult shape.

So choose your hairdresser on the recommendation of someone whose hair is well cut…style will depend on your shape of face. In my opinion colour must look natural, but needs a bit of help as we mature. Hair loses body and depth of colour . If you do decide to go grey gracefully please be aware that it will age you and you will need a chic cut to offset this.

Don’t be afraid of your hairdresser, some women are. He must become a “new best friend”. Ask for a consultation and have them do a blow-dry before you let them get near you with scissors!! I find some salons are better at colour and some better at styling. Personally I don’t have my colour and cut done at the same place.